Carbondale Middle School

Excerpts from MP's WE LOVE OUR SCHOOLS essay contest

Carbondale Middle School

Carbondale Middle School student essay winner: 

Describe your favorite teacher. What do they teach? Why is she / he your favorite?

Ms. Tami Wisley

“At the beginning of this year, everyone in the Carbondale Middle School band was devastated by the retirement of the former band director, Mr. Mark Grey or MOMG (“Mean Old Mr. Gray). No one had any respect for the new director, and half of our giant 7th grade band quit.  Even I, a girl who grew up loving to sing and play piano, was ready to quite band. Our new director, Ms. Tami Wisley was a strict, fast-paced teacher, and altogether the opposite of Mr. Grey. I was on the verge of quitting band, but I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am that my parents didn’t let me. Ms. Wisley has now become my overall favorite teacher. I have to admit that at the beginning of the year, I was pretty scared of her, but it is because of her strict, sometimes harsh personality and her fast paced teaching that our band has grown as much as we have this year. So I just want to thank Ms. Wisley for being the best band director I could ask for, and for inspiring me to love music even more than I did before.” Inez Passerini-Burks, grade 7, CMS


Which class or subject helped you grow the most as a student?

Computer Class

“We can listen to music while typing on the last day of computer class each week. We can play with robots, and build Legos on them to make them bigger. We can also play on to learn how to control the person on the game and create games. Fourth, the teacher is the nicest teacher I’ve ever met.” Anapaula Aguilar, grade 5, CMS

Clarinet (band)

“Leaving my recorder for another instrument felt wrong, like leaving my first friend to find another. My mother, however, knew I would get hooked on a ‘real’ band instrument if I got introduced to one, so off we went to Glenwood Music. Travis, the man behind the counter looked at me and said, “You’re going to be in MOMG’s band, right?”  I nodded as he continued, “what instrument are you looking at?”

“Well, I really just went to play recorder, but clarinet seems similar, so …” I watched as he went into the backroom, reappearing with a long black instrument, strewn with silver keys. I sucked in my breath. The clarinet is such a beautiful instrument. … I slipped the mouthpiece between my lips. Instinctively, I squeezed the corners of my lips together and let my air fuel the new instrument. A deep, full sound escaped into the room.

Travis looked at my mom and nodded, raising his eyebrows as if to say, “that’s her instrument.” That was the day I fell in love with the clarinet. All the octaves, keys, sounds, notes, everything about it went straight to my heart and nestled in for my long ride through middle school.” Annabelle Stableford, grade 7, CMS


What is one thing you learned this year that you will always remember?

 The “9 Trick” and Kiwis

“In Math, I learned to do the 9 trick and how to divide. Next, in Read OG, we did Read Naturally (where) I read stories about things. My favorite is the kiwi.  Did you know that kiwis break rules for birds? The assignments helped me become a better writer and speller, and we learned prefixes and suffixes.” Maggie Jones, grade 5, CMS


“One thing I learned this year that I will always remember is the cell is the smallest unit of life.Micah Bays, grade 7, CMS


Describe your favorite teacher. What do they teach? Why is she / he your favorite?


Mr. Jason Kreiling

“He is very nice and teaches fun projects in tech. Plus, he took us skiing in Snowmass.”  Maddox Stainton, grade 7, CMS

Mr. Kenny Teitler

“During CREW he does magic tricks, and he taught us how to sew ban bags.  After everyone had a bean bag, we played games with them. Every time a bean bag opened, Mr. Kenny said, ‘Take it to the hospital!’ This meant he wanted you to sew it back. It was funny and everyone laughed. He does all of this to help us connect with our CREW.”  Ricardo Zavala, grade 7, CMS


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